The Condiments

We have developed a range of condiments based on some recipes obtained from Mrs Fairweather's journal and letters. Below is a sample of the correspondences from Mr Fairweather to Mrs Fairweather in which he indicates the sharing of recipes. 

My dear love,
While I am away from you, there is little I can do to mark the time quickly enough. So I think of you and talk of you and meet people as I know you would do if you were with me. I am humbled by the warmth of people here and their generosity in sharing their stories and cuisine with me. I have picked my favourites to share with you. Think of me, and happy times.
Yours, Mr Fairweather.

con pickled

Pickled Onions

Juicy yet firm. The onions share their sweetness, leaving a lingering flavor to savour.

Ingredients:Onions, brown vinegar, salt, caster sugar, mustard seeds & bay leaves.

760g NET (min.) / $10 ea.

con red

Red Sauce

Anything red travels fast. This saucy number will fire up your appetite.

Tomatoes, onions, garlic, salt, sugar, ginger, pepper, mustard seeds, cayenne pepper, red wine vinegar,white wine vinegar.

450g NET (min.) / $8 ea.

con brown

There’s something comforting about the warm tones of these spices offset with the golden sweetness.

Brown vinegar, golden syrup, chilli flakes, cayenne flakes, cinnamon, onion, apple, sultanas & brown sugar.

470g NET (min.) / $8 ea.


con honeymustard

Honey & Mustard Dressing

Not so much a dressing as a reason to get up and get dressed to dine finely with this exquisite beauty.

Honey, seeded mustard, dijon mustard & olive oil. 

460g NET (min.) / $8 ea.


con bacon

Bacon Jam

Just when you think you’re in for something sweet, the bacon will correct you.

Bacon, shallots, garlic, chilli powder, ground ginger, ground mustard, bourbon, sherry vinegar, maple syrup & brown sugar. 

450g NET (min.) / $10 ea.


con spiced

Spiced Salt

They say salt is the foundation of life. Who wouldn’t want to spice up their life?

Salt, sugar, chilli, cumin, dried herbs, garlic & paprika. 

450g NET (min.) / $7 ea.