.. Stringybark McDowell

Stringybark McDowell was born under a tree with string for hair and bones for teeth. Nearly as old as a vintage truck, he’s change from a dollar, he don’t give a damn. 

A story on his back about convicts and blues, his blood the colour of working man’s boots. Makin’ instruments from whatever he’s found, fencewood palings and stuff on the ground.

He plays the show of a one man band, with kickdrum, kazoo and banjo in hand. He slides real fine with banjola and steel, plays hell on a saucepan with a pickup that squeals.

Brings crowds round the corner dancin’ to old, blues, roots and underground, he’s madness, he’s soul. Stringybark McDowell was born under a tree, he’s classic, original, he’s something to see.

Former Geelong based musician, Stringybark McDowell, is one of Victoria’s best known and treasured performers. For many years he was the front man for much loved junk band bluesers, Muddy Puddles whose performances, irreverent humour and unique take on rustic blues earned them a loyal following throughout rural Australia. He started out playing with a kickdrum and boot rattle over 20 years ago. Having played in various lineups, he always returns to the one man band setup. Using a variety of instruments, including banjos, steel resonators and electric guitars, some hand- made by himself,He pours his way through tunes from long ago and entertains the audience with his warped humour whipping the crowd into a footstomping frenzy. McDowell is undeniably one of a kind and a natural born entertainer who always delivers. Now based in South Australia, the last 12 months has seen Stringy collaborating with his partner Molly CoddleCream , adding her unique vocals & songwriting to the mix . She is a colourful character in her own right bringing the sights & influences of their travels together to life, in song.