Fairweather Small Batch

Fairest greetings to you

You’re about to discover the Mrs Fairweather story through a range of condiments, refreshments and other hand created wares. The Fairweather story began in the early 1900s when a young, feisty and clever young woman spotted an almost equally dashing young man. They became Mr and Mrs Fairweather as was the want of the era. They loved going on adventures and eventually opened a bike shop. Then the First World War came along. Mr Fairweather, a surgeon, enlisted as a medic and for a while, they exchanged the heaviness and hope in their hearts via letters, along with tidbits from their days. The letters stopped after some months. Mrs F never heard from him again; his love remained etched in her heart as his memory floats somewhere in France. By day, Mrs F continued to serve in the bike shop, by night she followed the recipes that Mr Fairweather included in his letters while adding to her Journal that would help to make sense of her life – what she thought it would be and what it became with the people she met along the way. 

mrs f signature

Please enjoy Mrs Fairweather’s Small Batch of condiments, beers and bicycles – there’s something for every occasion and for everything that you feel.

We discovered the letters Mrs Fairweather was sent by her husband before his disappearance. These contained his experiences of the French culture including recipes which have become the foundation of Fairweather Small Batch’s products. Products including beer, condiments and bicycles. In amongst the treasure of letters and documents we found is a journal that describes meetings and liaisons Mrs. Fairweather had whilst she kept the bicycle business bouyant. These encounters have formed the basis for the theme of Fairweather Small Batch and how products are named.

All products bear Mrs. Fairweather’s mark.