The Areas

The P/A Hotel boasts a number of areas that are utilised for dining. Whether it be warmer months, or the cooler ones, there is a space in the hotel that will make you feel right at home.

The current spaces are shown below and include:

  • The Botanist / This is the main dining room of the venue. The space is currently being revamped to be  little more inviting and basing the interior design on the botanicals that make up gin will hopefully give it a little more life. // Click to to view the space.
  • The Bistro / This casual dining area is also undergoing a design uplift. Here you will sit at rickety tables with mismatched chairs under the lazy glow of carnival type lighting. // Click to view the space.
  • The Backyard / Formerly known as the cider garden this jewel of a space has been renamed The Backyard because there is no space that people feel more safe or comfortable than their own backyard. This space is used extensively for functions and it is easy to see why. // Click to see the space.
  • The Atrium / This is the link between The Bistro and The Backyard but is a pleasant space within itself. The Atrium has been populated with plant life to give it a natural life with the same carnival lighting from inside used to link the two spaces. // Click to view the space.
  • The Sidewalk / Whether from foresight or just blind luck the hotel was built back a little from it's the land boundary and so we are blessed with a section of frontage that allows us to create a dining area without encroaching on council land. // Click to view this space.